The company offers its clients the services of trust management of capital.

Asset trust management is an agreement by which an investor transfers his funds to a professional management company or an individual trader, and she(he) in turn invests them in valuable assets (shares, bonds, indices, futures contracts,ICO-tokens, cryptocurrencies) on the stock and other markets, while seeking to ensure the maximum possible yield.

At the moment we are ready to offer you 5 balanced tariff plans, allowing you to get a yield of up to 3% per day on your investment.

Investment tariffs
182.5% in 365 days
  • Min: 50$
  • Max: 500$
  • Profit per day: 0.5%
  • Total profit: 182.5%
  • Deposit: included in payments
365% in 365 days
  • Min: 500$
  • Max: 2000$
  • Profit per day: 1%
  • Total profit: 365%
  • Deposit: included in payments
547.5% in 365 days
  • Min: 2000$
  • Max: 5000$
  • Profit per day: 1.5%
  • Total profit: 547.5%
  • Deposit: included in payments
730% in 365 days
  • Min: 5000$
  • Max: 10000$
  • Profit per day: 2%
  • Total profit: 730%
  • Deposit: included in payments
1095% in 365 days
  • Min: 10000$
  • Max: 100000$
  • Profit per day: 3%
  • Total profit: 1095%
  • Deposit: included in payments
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Register your account

Click on the "register" button and fill out a convenient and simple form consisting of several simple fields. Read and accept the privacy policy of our company and the terms of cooperation with us.

Select an investment plan

After the registration procedure, you will find yourself in the investor's personal account. Click on the "ADD FUNDS" button on the left side of your account, deposit funds and then analyze the list of investment plans and choose the one that suits you.

Top up your balance and open a Deposit

You can top up your account in our company by Bank transfer, or through one of the electronic payment systems.

Receive your daily profit

Accrual of profits will take place on the balance of your personal account in your cabinet. After receiving the dividends, you can withdraw it from the project or reinvest.

Reserve fund

All deposits of our investors are reliably insured by a special reserve Fund of our company, which is formed by 10% daily deductions from the daily turnover of the company.

The size of the reserve Fund at the moment: 14564326$.

Why should you choose us?

Innovativeness of investments Following our vision, to create an even more massive market, we strive to make global use of our resource and meet the needs of our investors and partners.

High reliability Independent Analytics make us resistant to market volatility. Innovative technologies allow us to be confident in the safety of capital regardless of the country of our clients.

Simplicity and efficiency We provide you with access to the most liquid market in the world, you can start investing from $10, immediately after registration without special knowledge and training.

Formal cooperation All our investors become official partners of our company. We become tax agents of each of our investors and we list all the necessary taxes for you!