Not an adequate investor Dec 11, 2020 08:03

We want to tell you a story about one of our users. This person registered on our website, deposited 0.5 BTC and then withdrew them, apparently to check the withdrawal. Then he made a deposit of 2 BTC and, according to the rules, he must be verified, since his deposit is more than $ 10,000, he refuses verification. Apparently because he cannot confirm the origin of the money and it is not legal or even stolen. After several requests for verification, he began to threaten us with a damaged reputation. 

In the screenshot from Jivosite, you can see that all the negativity that has been published on the Internet on the sites: TrustPilot, onlinethreatalerts, and forexpeacearmy is his doing what he himself admits and blackmails us that if we do not return the deposit to him, he will ruin our reputation further.

Please do not get fooled by this person's provocations. We attach information about this user.
His nickname on FBC: Mintblue
Vietnam, IP